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Updated: Mar 1, 2021

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The aim of a low salicylate diet is to keep the intake of salicylates to a minimum. Salicylates occur naturally in many fruits vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, jams, honey, yeast extracts, tea, coffee, juices, beer, wine and natural flavourings (e.g. peppermint). Salicylates are also frequently used in medications, perfumes, botanical oils and toothpastes.

Important considerations when undertaking a diet low in salicylates:

  • Salicylate is highest in unripe fruit, and lowest in fruit ready to drop off the plant

  • Salicylate is highest in the skin zone of fruit and vegetables (skin and just below skin)

  • Salicylate is concentrated by processing such as within fruit or vegetable juices, sauces, pastes, powders, jams, syrups and flavourings

  • Salicylate is increased in genetically engineered plants for greater resistance to disease

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